A well-designed patent portfolio can increase the value of your business, help set future market strategies, and keep competitors from exploiting your hard-earned innovations. Our patent attorneys, who are engineers and former in-house counsel themselves, use their understanding of the latest technology and industry developments to carefully craft patent applications.

With litigation in the IP arena increasing, our clients turn to us to prosecute and defend lawsuits alleging patent infringement. A potentially expensive route, we make sure to keep the bottom-line in mind when setting out litigation tactics. Both in and out of the courtroom, we fashion a strategy to help our clients protect their innovations. And when companies come under attack from competitors, we create strategies to quickly respond to claims of infringement against our clients.

Biomedical and Informatics
Innovation in biomedical and informatics requires imagining the possibilities and making them a reality. We help inventors and companies discover the best uses of technology, and design a strategy to patent and license the technology for commercial use. Our patent attorneys have experience in a wide array of technologies, from bio-engineered tissues and protein sequencing to laser catheters, ultrasound, defibrillators and orthodontic appliances.

Fitting Your Business Needs
Every day, we’re finding smart solutions for our national and international clients. Aloka Ultrasound, based in Japan, relies on us to manage its IP work in the United States. For WebMD, we figured out how to protect its expert-based medical literature searching tool. For Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs, we’ve patented analytic and spectroscopic technologies licensed in medical research. And for Oregon Medical Laser Center, we’ve patented biomaterials, oximetry and laser catheters. Our business focus is patterned on our clients’ business plans.

Chemical Processing
There is no replacement for an attorney who understands chemistry at the same level as a scientist or comprehends the full extent of a complex process. Our patent attorneys have spent years in the chemical industry, and bring a high-level of experience to this sophisticated technical field.

A Firm Formula
Our attorneys have worked closely with companies like Martin Marietta, H&H Eco Systems and Louisiana Pacific, protecting inventions that include chemicals and processes used in the manufacture of semiconductor chips and processes for making laminated veneer lumber. As the chemical processing sector continues to grow, especially in association with the electronics industry, our patent attorneys will continue to work with clients to protect and enforce their intellectual property. It’s a formula that our clients appreciate.

Printed Circuits
For specialized fields such as the circuits industry, there is no substitute for experience. At Miller Nash Graham & Dunn, most of our patent attorneys are electrical engineers. Many have also worked in-house for leading companies like Texas Instruments and Hewlett Packard.

An Electric Formula
The breadth of our experience lets us assist our clients with a wide variety of circuits-related matters. Many companies have relied on us to protect, license, or enforce patents and trademarks on amplifiers, oscillators and power detectors used in wireless communication systems, high-speed analog-to-digital converters, sense amplifiers, drivers and power supply circuits for memory devices, and high power conversion circuits. Whatever the requirement, we fashion our work around our clients’ needs.

Computer Technologies
Bringing together hardware and software technologies, we help our computer industry clients patent inventions that make personal and professional life better and easier, from flat panel and LCD projection displays to ink jet printing technologies and network interface cards.

Keyed into the Industry
With industry leaders like Sharp Laboratories, growing businesses like Pixelworks, as well as startup clients, our work spans the computer industry. We partner with companies to patent and trademark both hardware and software inventions, from networking and database innovations to semiconductor processing technologies, microchips and the methodologies for fabricating microchips and circuits. When needed, our attorneys study the technology to litigate and defend infringement cases. At every stage, our goals remain protecting assets and bolstering the bottom line.

Entertainment Technologies
Once seen as an option only for the big players in the industry, IP protection is now being sought by companies of every size in the entertainment world. As the importance of a solid IP portfolio grows, are there to help an ever-increasing number of clients make the world a fun, more exciting place.

Working at Play
Applying our experience as engineers, our patent attorneys create comprehensive strategies to protect complex entertainment technologies for clients such as Leviton. As part of our approach, we have secured patents for computer games and controllers, casino games and networks, paintball guns, interactive water park rides, athletic shoes and equipment, and night golf systems. We’re constantly focused on designing winning IP game plans for our clients.

Internet and Software Technologies
The limits of software and the Internet are bounded only by human imagination and hardware. Because of that, the industry continues to expand at an explosive rate, becoming more dynamic and bringing together a variety of seemingly disparate technologies.

Ahead of the Computing Curve
Recognizing the importance of the Internet early on, our patent attorneys were some of the very first to establish a presence on the internet. Alex Johnson also played an instrumental role in winning patent protection for software, securing these rights before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in what became known as the Alappat decision (In re Alappat, 33 F.3d 1526 (Fed. Cir. 1994)). This history gives us a unique perspective on our clients’ future. We advise global companies like Intel and Oracle on where the industry has been, where it’s going and how to plan accordingly. We establish close client relationships that allow us to recognize important technologies — at times before our clients realize they’re patentable.

Your hard-earned mechanical inventions deserve more than a quickly drafted patent application. Putting in an effort that matches your own, we look at what the technology means to the company and its business strategy. We analyze the possibility of enforcement actions and licensing opportunities. For many of our clients, we have been able to make their mechanical inventions more valuable by managing their patent portfolios to give them the industry coverage they need and deserve.

Made by an industry looking to increase efficiency while decreasing size, semiconductors are tiny in size, but the technology behind them is massive and complex. Our attorneys bring a level of technical expertise to semiconductor work that is hard to match.

We know how a large semiconductor company designs and builds semiconductors–and how the related IP is protected. Our semiconductor group is up-to-date on the latest technologies because we frequently handle semiconductor cases for some of the world’s most respected companies, including Intel Corporation and Advanced Power Technology.

Designed for Business
Because of our experiences, we can handle whatever our clients need, from patents on process, circuitry and package work, to materials and manufacturing equipment. Our background on the business-side of the industry means that, when we prepare semiconductor patents, we make sure they are both practical and a smart investment. With litigation in the IP arena increasing, our clients also turn to us to prosecute and defend lawsuits alleging infringement of semiconductor patents. A potentially expensive route, we make sure to keep the bottom-line in mind when setting out litigation tactics. Both in and out of the courtroom, we fashion a strategy to help our clients protect their semiconductor innovations.

A good idea can start a company. Protection for that idea can allow an emerging company to grow, gain a foothold in the marketplace and profit from its investments of time and capital. Working closely with inventors and engineers across industries and technologies, we help them set their IP strategy and connect with partners for commercialization. Our attorneys have guided a number of companies through the start-up stage, and many remain as established clients.

Designed to Meet your Goals
There is no substitute for a solid IP portfolio for any business. Patents can both shield a new business opportunity from encroachment and provide bargaining leverage in negotiations. Our attorneys understand the value that a comprehensive IP strategy brings to the critical early-funding stage as well as to the company’s long-term goals. Attorneys from across our practice groups work together to make sure our clients are outfitted with IP strategies that fit their individual needs.