Our attorneys have experience with the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government at all levels; federal, state, and local; and government agencies and commissions. We provide effective counsel, comprehensive strategy, and practical information and insight on legislation and regulations that are important to our clients and to the future of our state and region.

Our attorneys regularly advise clients on issues and strategies related to:

  • Direct contact with governmental agencies and personnel
  • Crafting, introducing, and guiding legislation through the process toward passage
  • Participating in the state legislative committee process, including providing testimony at hearings and organizing support of or opposition to proposed legislation
  • Advocating for our clients in state agency hearings, task forces, and committees to assist in crafting administrative rules that conform with statutory authority and protect clients' interests
  • Monitoring and reporting on business matters affected by governmental action, including taxation, trade and business, financial regulation, labor and employment, land use, health care, environmental regulations, and natural resources

Our attorneys have worked with a variety of clients, including oil, natural gas, wind, solar, and other renewable energy manufacturers and developers; Internet, cable, and wireless communication companies; tribal entities; medical providers and research facilities; computer system manufacturers; financial institutions; school districts and institutions of higher education; construction companies; the auto industry; insurance and other major national and international corporations; and trade associations.