Miller Nash Graham & Dunn's litigation team works closely with its insolvency team when issues of financial distress arise in litigation. These include:

  • Assisting when a party to litigation files bankruptcy or is placed into receivership
  • Planning litigation strategy and structuring settlement agreements to minimize the risk of loss in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency
  • Pursuing and defending claims for preferences and fraudulent conveyances
  • Litigating valuation issues

In addition, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn handles all types of litigation in the creditors' rights area, including:

  • Collection of judgments, including executions and garnishments
  • Pursuing judicial foreclosures of liens against real and personal property in both state and federal court
  • Completing nonjudicial foreclosures of liens against real and UCC Article 9 sales of personal property
  • Commencing receiverships, defending against actions for receivership, and representing receivers in receivership cases in both state and federal court
  • Filing claims in bankruptcy and receivership cases, and litigating claims disputes
  • Pursuing reclamation demands and litigating disputes over reclamation issues
  • Handling commercial landlord-tenant disputes
  • Reviewing the administration of troubled loans to minimize lender liability, and litigating lender liability claims when they arise

Miller Nash Graham & Dunn has a full-service insolvency team, handling all aspects of bankruptcy and receivership cases. For more information about those services, click here.