Our Condemnation Law & Real Estate Valuation attorneys have a long history of assisting local governments, property owners and lenders with eminent domain matters related to the acquisition of private property for public projects. We have extensive experience representing both private sector and municipal or public agency clients throughout the Northwest.

Our team utilizes broad subject matter and legal experience to represent our client's position, negotiate solutions, and resolve controversies in all phases of the condemnation process, including:

  • Negotiation of private property eminent domain acquisitions by governments
    We provide early analysis of potential condemnation cases and advise public or private clients at the outset about litigation consequences and settlement options.
  • Mediation and settlement solutions
    We promote mutually-acceptable solutions and settlement where possible through alternative dispute resolution, such as direct attorney-to-attorney negotiation or the use of an outside mediator.
  • Complex litigation with efficiency and focus
    If trial is inevitable, we develop a case plan tailored to the facts and risks of the condemnation litigation, including an overall litigation strategy and budget, a pretrial plan, and a road map for achieving the right result at trial.
  • Real estate valuations
    Our team has particular experience in shepherding through to resolution real estate valuation disputes, whether related to the renewal of long-term leases or the valuation of assets in litigation proceedings involving Local Improvement Districts (LIDs), loan workouts, dissolutions, assessment appeals, or trust and estate assets.